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Cooperative Media & ad program

There is a critical mass now of environmental organizations, green products and companies and educated consumers who will spend more for healthier choices. We will merge these 3 sectors into ONE cooperative media and ad program the month before each Earth Day - to raise the profile. funding and impact of the total green market.


ONE BluWorld is a cooperative actions marketing campaign engaging media, advertising and social media. It is designed to drive up the profile, funding and impact of organizations and companies with green products, services and projects - the entire green market. The Cooperative Media & Ad Program is the center gear which turns and drives the other participatory elements to bigger and faster profile and impact. Those actions are the Cooperative Media and Ad Program, Give Green Day funding platform, the Global Event Development for 2018 to 2020 Earth Day and the Best of Green online voting forum.  

Contact information/Directors


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Thomas Harens - 952-688-3198

Jean Ross -           612-242-3457

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Organization Director:

Karen Olson Johnson 


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